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I/O Pocket Jeans Review – Pants Designed for Smartphones!

Hey guys…your jeans are so tight you can’t even get your phone out of the pocket. Sound familiar? I/O Denim has technologically enhanced denim jeans by adding a cell phone pocket. Think of it as an easy-access pocket that’s not too easy to access.

In another Kickstarter-gone-reality campaign, I/O Denim has just released their first-edition product, the I/O Pocket for men. The concept is simple, it’s an American-made pair of jeans with high quality denim, a slim fit, and a dark indigo wash. Slim fit (aka skinny fit) jeans are the trickiest pants to get your cell phone in and out of, so it makes sense it’s I/O’s first feat.

The cell phone pocket is placed a little higher than arms length on the left side of the jeans. The pocket is large enough for virtually any phone (except maybe the Galaxy Note) and it sinks down so your phone won’t fall out. When you get used to it, it’s quite easy and comfortable to insert and remove your phone. It works just as well with the iPhone 4 as it does iPhone 5 and Galaxy Nexus. The best use of the cell phone pocket is while you’re sitting down; it becomes insanely easy to insert and remove your phone.

Whether or not the I/O Denim Jeans are truly innovative, it’s nice to see classic jeans optimized for our tech-infused lifestyle. Our only gripe is that the cell phone pocket is on the left, where’s the love for the 90% of the right-handed population? Other than that we’re quite fond of the I/O Denims. They run a little snug, but they’re noticeably high quality with a durable yet comfortable design. They’re currently available for Men, with a $115 price tag, from iodenim.com.

The Good: Easy access to phone — sitting or standing, Fits phones with 4.8″ displays, No cell phone budge, High quality material
The Bad: Pocket on left hand side only, Sizes run a bit snug, Limited selection right now.

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