iSkin Slims: the Thinnest and Lightest iPhone 5 Case Review

No joke: this is the lightest and thinnest iPhone 5 case you’ll ever get your hands on. iSkin Slims may look like a sticker skin for iPhone 5, but it’s actually an ultra thin polycarbonate case that offers complete protection and style. It looks and feels like you’re using a naked, but custom, iPhone!

The iSkin Slims for iPhone 5 is a one-of-a-kind case, you’ve never seen anything like it. The “case” is composed of two ultra light shells made of .4mm polycarbonate polymer. The two shells don’t connect to each other but instead grasp onto each face of iPhone with a non-permanent adhesive. There’s a minuscule gap that runs around iPhone’s frame. The buttons have perfect sized cutouts with exception of the home button which has an overlay that really enhances iPhone’s appearance.

It’s hard to tell just how much protection the iSkin Slims case offers considering it’s so thin and light. It’s definitely well protected from general wear and tear (the silent killer), as it offers near all-around protection, including a built-in screen protector. There’s very few places for dust and dirt to sneak into the case, which is generally an easy way to scuff your phone. The rigidity in the casing definitely helps protect iPhone from drops, but there’s no real way for us to tell.

We’re generally not big fans of screen protectors, but the Slims built-in screen guard is pretty nice. It’s virtually invisible and there’s no application process or air bubbles. It feels the same as iPhone’s glass screen, though it adds a very fine fuzziness to the screen (as most screen protectors do unfortunately).

Unless you resort to an adhesive skin (sticker) you’re not going to find a case nearly as sleek, plus the iSkin Slims provides a lot more protection and a more convincing design. The built-in screen protector is a really nice touch. At $34.99, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than a custom designed iPhone. The Slims is removable and reusable (tested), but it’s hard to say just how long the adhesive stickiness will last. It comes in three very neat designs: camouflage (shown), wood, and chevron.

The Good: Ultra thin and light, Easy to Apply, No bubbles in screen protector, Good button/port access, Scratch-resistant, High-quality finish

The Bad: Slight gap between casing around frame, Pattern doesn’t match back casing to front along frame


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