LeapFrog’s LeapReader is an E-Reader Primer for Kids

Looking for a starter e-reader for your kids? Look no further – that’s what LeapFrog has created with the LeapReader.

The LeapReader is an educational tool for beginning readers, first and foremost. But, one of the main draws of the LeapReader is that it’s not just for reading – it helps kids get started on writing, too. Through a number of apps designed for the device, children will get assistance in sounding out words and reading sentences, as well as help with writing letters and numbers. That happens by way of special LeapFrog Learning Paper made for use with the Leap Reader.

In all, the LeapReader library has over 150 books, maps, flashcards, and writing aids, some of which come with puzzles or games to break up the grind of practice. There is also some supplemental help with early listening skills, in the form of songs and simple audio books.

All of the content available for the LeapReader will come directly through LeapFrog. The LeapReader is also compatible with everything made for LeapFrog’s previous reader, the Tag Reader. The LeapReader will be able to hold 40 books or 175 songs at a time, and comes with three apps and a sample book pre-loaded. You can grab one from any number of online stores on June 12, for about $50.


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