Lindsay Lohan Portrait Makes Garbage Look Good


The art world is arguably more compelling than it has ever been, simply because we have enough creative people to turn literally anything into an art medium. And, yes, that includes what you can dig out of a dumpster. That would include used tampons.

So it goes with this portrait of Lindsay Lohan. Jason Mecier is an artist, known before for his celebrity portraits made from candy. Hopefully he washed his hands before going back to work on those after the Lohan portrait, which is a product of what appears to be many, many dumpster dives.


Much of it is made up of official Lohan paraphernalia – Lohan CDs, DVDs, and commemorative “Mean Girls” nail files. There is also much in the way of unofficial Lohan paraphernalia – empty vodka bottles, prescription pill containers, sunglasses, and credit cards. The implications are sort of obvious, even if Mecier says it’s all in good fun. He cites that Lohan “seems to love publicity and controversy.” Which, sure, maybe. I’m not sure whether or not she loves it or she’s a victim of it, or both, or neither, but a portrait made out of trash seems like a tough sell when it comes to homage.


Anyway, point is, this is actually a really impressive portrait. I mean, when you step back and consider the materials used, it’s amazing Mecier was able to capture Lohan’s likeness that well. The empty ketchup bottle as hair. The Monistat 7 box used for shading under the chin. Nice touches.

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