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Mazda 2013 CX-9 is a 7-Seater Crossover Even Singles Will Want [Review]

The Mazda 2013 CX-9 has almost everything you would want in a 7 passenger vehicle. For starters, it offers sleek exteriors that give it a modern look without looking like a traditional boxy crossover SUV. It’s even wiped that signature ‘smile’ off of its grille and has gone with more of an open mouthed look for the CX-9. It’s interiors are lush and still a tad on the masculine side, but offer a warmth that is not off putting to the ladies out there. It’s handling is sublime on the highway and even street driving is seamless for such a large vehicle. It is also able to handle bumper to bumper traffic, and can easily swerve out of the way when it comes to crazy Taxi cabs.

That said, it seemed at some points, that I would have liked a little faster acceleration at times, but overall its 273 hp 3.7L V6 engine didn’t let me down, it just didn’t’ give me that extra edge I would have liked. However, that could also be due the heavy load I was carrying. Which at times included an arm chair, pressed wood called furniture from IKEA, and paint supplies from Home Depot. Flipping down that 3rd row was essential to packing in all of those items. The bench easily flipped down flat and I was able to slide in everything in that I needed too.

When I did load the car with people, everyone was very comfortable with their seating and especially with the fact they could easily adjust their seats in the 2nd row. The 3rd row seating was far from being subpar, but might be a bit tight for adults, however kids will be just fine sitting in the back row.

Overall, the interiors are certainly very satisfactory for this price point. The refinements of the center console, dashboard, and moldings throughout the interior of the car gives the impression of costing much more than it actually is. The moonroof is a nice touch and the Bose Sound system sounds amazing when listening to tunes via Bluetooth and AUX.


Overall the Mazda 2013 CX-9 is a great ride. This crossover might be targeted to large families or those that like to hoard goods from Costco, but this is a 7 passenger vehicle that will even appeal to those with other needs. Drivers and passengers alike will also appreciate that the CX-9 provides a smooth ride. Furthermore, it looks like it is a high-end vehicle with sleek interiors, and it also packs in an awesome sound system that will keep you entertained on the road.

Most of all, it isn’t intimidating to drive at all. Our fondness of the 7 Passenger vehicles have really started to grow lately. From the Chevrolet Traverse to the 7-Seater Hyundai Santa Fe and even the Kia Sorento. These are the ‘minivans’ of the future. They are sexy cars that disguise the fact you are lugging around screaming kids, 3ply 60ct extra soft toilet paper, and a 12 pack of Corona’s.

The Mazda 2013 CX-9 starts at $34,000 and can go up to as high as $45,000.

The Good: Great ride with good handling on the street and highway. Comfortable with lots of bells and whistles from the in-car infotainment system to the sound system and moonroof.

The Bad: Gas mileage could be better with a paltry average of only 17 miles per gallon for mixed use driving. Filling up is going to be often and pricey…

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  1. After 9 minivans (yes that is NINE), when my youngest got his driver’s license last year, I bought a Toyota Highlander Hybrid and love it. Seating for 7 when I need it but the best part is I get 25mpg. Not 25 highway, 15 city, but overall I actually get 25mpg. Worth every extra penney to get the Hybrid. Sometimes I miss the extra minivan room, but on a daily basis, this smaller 4 wheel drive size is just right. I read where the newer ones are going to bit a bit bigger and seat 8.

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