Monster DNA White Tuxedo Headphones Review

Disclosure: This post has been brought to you by Monster. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.

Last night at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, Monster officially debuted their elegant new white Tuxedo Monster DNA headphones. At the awards, Monster hosted a special backstage listening lounge where presenting and performing artists autographed special White Tuxedo Monster DNA headphones are going to be auctioned off to support “Jewelry for a Cause,” a charity dedicated to helping take illegal guns off the streets.

But aside from helping out a good cause, the new DNA White Tuxedo Headphones headphones are also the first Monster headphones to debut with Monster Music Link, a feature which includes dual-port inputs that allows up to five headphones to connect at once, so that everyone can share their music experience – daisy chain style. While we have seen this feature before on other headphones, this is a first for the brand.

Going back to the headphones themselves, the DNA headphones are the result of a collaboration between Monster and Viacom. And although made of plastic, the construction of the headphones is solid and quite lightweight. Noise isolation is pretty good to, and is able to block out about 90% of noise on the street, and about 80% of noise on the subway. This is thanks to the DNA’s pillow-soft noise-isolating cushions.

Furthermore, the audio quality is fantastic. They sound amazing for just about any genre, unlike the Beats which are unfavorably tuned for rap and hip hop. The DNAs don’t have ultra-low bass that rattles your skull, but rather a fair and balanced low-end which complements the mid-range audio. The mids are very rich, as is the entire audio experience. Voices stand out quite nicely. The highs are clear, detailed and crisp.

As a matter of fact, Monster is so confident about the Tuxedo DNA headphones audio experience, that they are encouraging artist feedback in their Monster DNA celebrity Challenge.  Music artists and celebrities are being invited to visit a specially created website, www.monsterproducts.com/celebritychallenge, where they will be able to compare the Monster DNA headphones to whatever model headphones they are currently using.


Monster has taken their great sounding DNA headphones and thrown on a unique duo tone color approach, with prominent white tuxedo colors and black accents, helping transform the headphones into a pair that is ready for a night on the town.

The Monster DNA White Tuxedo Headphones officially become available tomorrow, April 16th at Apple stores for $229, but we’re giving away a pair here!

The Good: New elegant color scheme with duo tone color approach,  features new Monster Music Link technology, lightweight, very comfortable to wear, neat design, collapsable, two anti-tangle cables, great inline ControlTalk+Mic, and comes with carrying pouch.

The Bad:  Some might consider them too pricey.


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