Are Your Nipples Ugly? There is a Gadget for That [NSFW]

inverted nipple suction adjuster 3 Are Your Nipples Ugly? There is a Gadget for That [NSFW]

Leave it to the Japanese to come out with yet another odd gadget that aims to enhance women’s beauty. And this time, it’s designed for under their shirts. The Inverted Nipple Suction Dream Charm Adjuster (yes, that is the actual product name) is by far one of the strangest personal beauty gadgets we have come across so far. According to the product description, if a woman breast feeds too much, not only will their breasts sag, but breast feeding might also lead women to suffer from inverted nipples.

So this particular tool will help women turn that nipple frown right around. Since I have yet to go down the breast feeding route, I can’t attest to whether this is a common ailment, but if you do suffer from this unfortunate problem, this gadget will hug your nipple and try to gently suck it back out. But hopefully not with the suctioning power of a Dyson vacuum!

In any case, it comes with several different suctioning tips included for women of all sizes. All of which promise to turn you breasts back into what they once were.

And be warned, if you are even more curious about this gadget, after the jump you will be greeted with an image of a breast suffering from this very issue.