iPhone Controlled Mini Brick Cars Can Be Broken Down Like LEGO

Looks like we have the Burger King of app-based remote controlled cars. You can have it your way with iHelicopters’ selection of iPhone Controlled Mini Brick vehicles.

The Mini Brick vehicles come in van and car styles, but that part is mostly elementary. Once you get your hands on those bricks, you can chuck the directions and set about making whatever wheeled contraption you want. Regrettably, these bricks won’t play nice with LEGO bricks, but if you have any Nanoblocks laying around, those can be added to the mix. Once you’ve built whatever it is you’re going to build, you’ll need to download the free UTICO app that goes with the vehicles, which allows you to control them. You’ll also have to use the transmitter included with the set, which hooks up to your device’s audio jack.

The Mini Brick Van and Car are both selling for $60 from iHelicopters. The van comes in blue or red, while the car comes in black or red. And, keep in mind before you buy – that UTICO app is only available for iOS devices.



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