Re-Timer is the Opposite Of Google Glasses


I think we’re safely at the point where abnormal sleeping patterns have become the norm. If we’re not there yet, that’s probably where we’re headed. If your odd hours are leading to a life lacking in quality sleep, Australian company Re-Timer has something for you.

They’re releasing a wearable light device that simulates sunlight, helping to reset your circadian rhythm to better suit whatever schedule life has saddled you with. The Re-Timer resembles a huge pair of sunglasses, sans lenses. They shine UV-free light into your face, and fit over eyeglasses. Fortunately, you won’t need to rock these in public. Re-Timer suggests wearing their device for 50 minutes after waking up to shift your body’s internal clock forward and make you fall asleep earlier, or, if you want to achieve the opposite effect, wearing it for 50 minutes before going to bed.

The people who are going to benefit from the Re-Timer are people who don’t get enough sleep. If you just don’t like your sleeping schedule, you can probably use the Re-Timer to get yourself to bed sooner or later, but the biggest rewards are going to be for people who are trying to run on four or five hours of sleep a day (generally not a good idea). Too little sleep cuts down on alertness, productivity, and, most importantly, health, so if you’re stuck with the graveyard shift and you’re only getting a handful of hours of sleep during the day, Re-Timer might be able to help you get that sorted out and get you your quality seven to eight hours.

Re-Timer is available now for $273.90.

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