Samsung Galaxy S4 Gets Slew of Official Smart Accessories

GS4 Flip Cover ColorsThe Samsung Galaxy S4 is hitting stores soon, but it won’t be coming alone. It’s going to be muscling its way into your local wireless stores with a whole entourage of accessories to boost the user experience and Samsung’s revenues. And, believe us, the Galaxy S4 rolls deep.

Along with the phone itself, Samsung has announced 13 official accessories that will go on sale at the same time as the phone. There are covers and cases, most notably the S View Flip Cover, which replaces the back cover of the phone and features a window cut-out on the flip cover that lets you view the time, date, and any messages or notifications on your phone without opening the cover. That will sell for $60, while the flip cover lacking the window will come in at $40.

There are also external battery packs and standard stuff like a car mount, earphones and Bluetooth/NFC headsets. The AllShare Cast Wireless Hub allows for wireless streaming of HD content from phone to television, while the Smart Dock allows you to throw whatever is on your phone to a computer monitor, so you can navigate your phone on a bigger screen. Finally, there’s the Galaxy Muse – a standalone mp3 player. That seems like a strange accessory for a device that includes an mp3 player, but the idea is that you can sync the Muse wirelessly with your phone, then take it along with you to the gym. The only advantage here is that the Muse is smaller and lighter, in case you want to leave your phone behind. The Muse will be $50.

As for the Galaxy S4 itself, you’ll see the phone in AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Cricket, U.S. Cellular, and C Spire stores sometime this month, although Samsung has not offered a specific date. Samsung is promising dates and prices soon, but pre-orders have already begun on the AT&T site, where the phone costs $200 with a two-year contract, with a ship date of April 30.



GS4 S View Flip Cover

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