Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Goes Off Like a Grenade with Bruno Mars

A new Galaxy S phone is no longer something that requires some extra advertising money. No, it’s become a full-on cultural event, and this year Samsung has apparently spared no expense.

The Galaxy S4 had its official coming out party last night, complete with celebrity visitors, Rev Run as DJ, and a full set from Bruno Mars. The take home message is that the S4 has arrived in the United States, and it’s kind of a big deal. As a matter of fact, the whole thing eclipsed being just a concert, becoming a sort of carnival, complete with tokens that could be earned at the event and used to claim prizes like music downloads and pretty much every major Samsung release of the past year. Those other releases – the Galaxy Note 8.0, Galaxy Camera, and Galaxy Note II – were also on display.

But, all that’s probably a lot less interesting than information on how, exactly, you can get the latest and greatest from Samsung. AT&T customers will find the 16 GB Galaxy S4 in stores on April 27, while those who have already got their pre-orders in can probably start picking them up now. The Galaxy S4 will be $200 with a two-year contract from AT&T.

Those in the Verizon camp will need to wait a little longer. Verizon pre-orders were supposed to begin yesterday, but it looks like they aren’t ready just yet. Regardless, we won’t see units until they get into stores on May 30. You’ll need $250 to get the S4 from Verizon, but $50 of that will come back to you with a mail-in rebate.

You can forget about contracts if you’re a T-Mobile subscriber. The phone can be purchased for $150 down, plus 2 years worth of $20 monthly payments (come to think of it, I guess that’s not that much different from a contract), but only for some customers who have the new Simple Choice Plan. Similar to Verizon, orders were supposed to start a couple days ago, but it looks like things haven’t kicked off just yet.

Finally, Sprint customers should be able to place orders online this Saturday, for $250 plus a two-year contract. Sprint is unsure of when there will be units in stores, but as long as you order online, you should be covered.


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