Sean Parker Goes Game of Thrones with Medieval-themed Wedding

Photo Credit: Business Insider

One thing about being a billionaire is that you can do pretty much anything you want. That includes having an outdoor wedding that will most likely put any Renaissance Faire to shame. Heck, with that kind of money, we might be talking about putting the Renaissance itself to shame.

Sean Parker, co-founder of Facebook and founder of Napster, will marry his girlfriend and fiancee, Alexandra Lenas (picture above, in costumes inspired by Hitchcock’s “The Birds”), on June 1 in Big Sur, California. Taking advantage of the heavily wooded area, the ceremony will be a giant medieval costume party. Every guest will have a costume specifically made for him or her, with the specific costumes and overarching medieval theme to be decided. I feel bad for the two people who have to team up to be the dragon.

Parker claims that it’s tough to live up to the party animal reputation established by “The Social Network.” Being played by Justin Timberlake probably didn’t help. But, something tells me he doesn’t have that hard of a time living up to that reputation. When your house has been nicknamed “The Bacchus House,” you’re probably doing something right in the party world.

Via New York Post

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