Justin Bieber is Going to Love the Selena Gomez Xbox Hub


Can’t get enough of the reigning princess of pop? Xbox Live is ready to act as a direct conduit funneling all the Selena you can handle directly into your eyes and ears. I know there will be at least one Canadian dude who will checking this hub out.

If you’re living in the United States, you can find a brand new hub dedicated to all things Selena Gomez, and stick it right on your dashboard. Anything and everything that involves Selena Gomez – music, TV shows, movies, interviews, special features – can be found on the hub, which can be found in the Music section or as part of the Zona Latina hub.

The highlight of the hub’s launch is Gomez’ first single, “Come and Get It,” off her new album Stars Dance, along with an interview with Gomez about her new single. She also talks about her recent charity work with UNICEF. Needless to say, you already know whether or not this piece of news is of interest to you. If you’re a big Selena Gomez fan, I think you know what to do.

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