SleepMat Sends Updates To Your Phone While Your Baby is Sleeping

MediaKit_BabyWhen it comes to bed time, it could be the most dangerous time for babies. New parents watch their newborns like a hawk when they sleep. They are watching to make sure they are breathing, hoping and praying they don’t cry, or making sure they don’t roll-over on their bellies – which could result in SIDS.

And since parents need to get some sleep too, SafeToSleep’s SleepMat was developed. It is a super smart blanket that will monitor your infant’s sleeping habits. Just lay your baby on the SleepMat and it will monitor their sleeping and breathing patterns, and it is also able to detect sounds and movement.

The SleepMat will keep a log of all your baby’s sleep and wake-up activities for you to review and compare to previous nights sleep. The SleepMat however is just one part of an entire monitoring system for your baby’s sleep wellness.

The Sleep and Breathing Monitor includes 1 SleepMat, 1 Parent unit to monitor all of your child’s sleeping patterns, and lastly there is an app to always keep you in touch with your baby while they are sleeping.

This is one complete monitoring solution that will not only give you piece of mind as a parent, but help you catch your own breath. The Sleep and Breathing Monitor system from SafeToSleep retails for $329.

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