Sony Adds Features to Action Cam, Releases Dog Harness Accessory

Sony-Action-Cam-Dog-MountThat’s right, the Sony Action Cam isn’t just for action men and women anymore. Now you can use Sony’s wearable video camera to check out things from your dog’s perspective – and in 1080p, no less, thanks to a new firmware upgrade.

It’s kind of nice to see that a feature as nice to have as 1080p recording is being provided as a free firmware update that can be downloaded, rather than as an entirely new product. That upgrade also features an enhanced underwater recording mode, an option to silence the beeping made when recording is turned off or on, and, in June, the ability to pair an Action Cam with another mobile device for instant uploads to social media sites.

Then, there are the new accessories, and the big one has to be the Dog Harness. It’ll be coming in June for about $45, and will be a lightweight harness with a camera mount that will fit medium-sized dogs comfortably. Also coming in June are a surfboard mount, a wrist mount, and a float mount to keep the camera above water. Those will cost $35, $30, and $15, respectively. A ball head for use with all mounts will enable users to adjust the camera angle, and will be about $35. A lightweight skeleton frame will also be released, which can be attached to things like goggles and handlebars – specifically, for non-water sports. That will cost $30.

So, once June gets here and brings summer with it, you’ll be all set to record pretty much any adventure you go out and have. Feel free to share your four-legged friend’s adventures, too.

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