Novogratz Family Gets Down with the 80’s with Limited Edition Boom Freaq Speaker

The partnership between the Novogratz family, who have their own design show on HGTV, and speaker company Soundfreaq continues to hum along nicely, this time producing a special Father’s Day speaker bringing back the boombox.

The Boom Freaq is a boombox in image only – it’s actually another skin over the Sound Stack, a Soundfreaq product that has seen Novogratz versions in the past. The Sound Stack is Soundfreaq’s larger Bluetooth speaker, specifically working with A2DP compatible devices. The Boom Freaq ushers in a new era for the Sound Stack, bringing in versions with 30-pin connector docks and Lightning connectors. There’s also the DubSub 2.2 sound system inside, which features two full-range drivers and two subwoofers for what should be some pretty mean bass.

Otherwise, you’ve got a design job bringing back the finest the ’80s had to offer in the world of sound. The Boom Freaq can be pre-ordered now on the Soundfreaq Store for $350, with shipping expected within four to five weeks – well before Father’s Day rolls around, if you’re considering this for dad.

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