Spotdox Add-On Takes Dropbox Syncing Even Further

spotdoxSpotdox is a new company out of Toronto that aims to make file syncing possible for everything on your computer. The service would allow you to access any files stored on your computer, on any machine running the Spotdox app. Instead of having a dedicated cloud storage folder or service to use for file syncing, the entirety of your computer’s native storage becomes your cloud.

Right now, you can download an application for Mac OS X (no PC support for now). That application will allow you to access any file stored on your computer by using the Spotdox app on another computer or mobile device. You can access those files from a web browser, too, like with Dropbox. If you mostly use cloud storage for syncing rather than storage, judicious use of Spotdox will probably prevent you from ever having to get a paid account with the likes of Dropbox or Google Drive.

Currently, Spotdox is offering 10,000 free lifetime accounts for early adopters. After that, Spotdox will cost about $30 per year.

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