$4K Mobile Blastmaster Packs in 2,000 Watts – on Wheels

boomWe’ve seen some pretty mean boomboxes, but this one takes the cake. Forget about carrying this one around – you’ll have to tote it around on wheels to bring the beats.

The Mobile Blastmaster, aka the party wagon, is a massive, 4 foot long, almost 2.5 foot tall boombox that will get you attention in more than a few ways. If you want to be that guy or girl at your outdoor event of choice, the Mobile Blastmaster will get it done. This thing is packing 2,000 watts of power, provided by eight Piezo horn tweeters that were built for PA systems, two 6×9 mid-range speakers, and a 12” dual-voice coil subwoofer. All of that can be adjusted using the four-band equalizer. Turned up all the way, this thing really might start breaking windows.

It’s ready to play nice with pretty much everything you have in the way of music – it has a CD player, a USB port, an AM/FM radio (backed up by an extendable antenna), an auxiliary jack, and Bluetooth connectivity. And, because this is the party wagon, drink holders and a bottle opener are also on-board. There’s even a flagpole mount, if that piques your interest. The battery supplies about 20 hours of music playing at 50 percent volume.

The Mobile Blastmaster is available in blue, black, yellow, and red, but you clearly have to go with red as homage to your old Radio Flyer. You’ll also want to start pooling money together with your friends, because it costs $4,000.

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