Ashton Kutcher’s Thrash Lab Brings Beauty to Uglydoll Profile

tumblr_llu4caYuvS1qbg80vo1_500Thrash Lab is a media company headed in part by Ashton Kutcher, putting the spotlight on the people behind some of the biggest names and brands in pop culture. Thrash Lab works together with online magazine Giant Robot to put together those profiles, the most recent of which is a look at the couple behind Uglydoll, and their ugly (and proud of it) masterpieces.

The profile is of David Horvath, the co-creator of Uglydoll, who talks about how the dolls got started as a joint effort between him and his now-wife, Sun-Min Kim, after they met in art class. Attention was drawn to Horvath’s now famously ugly doodles, and Kim ended up admiring the idea of celebrating the perceived defects that make everyone unique. The pair stormed forward with the idea, to the point where Kim sewed a doll out of one of Horvath’s drawings – now known as the Wage doll. It was nothing but sweet ugliness from there on out.

Horvath talks a little more about his inspiration for the line – both then and now – and from the sounds of it, the pair will be churning out new dolls and stories for a long time to come. If you’re a fan of Uglydoll, check out the Thrash Lab profile below.

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