Vdio Could Be the Next Big Thing in On-Demand Streaming Videos


Rdio has been humming along nicely as a streaming on-demand music service, in the same vein as Spotify. It now has a video streaming cousin, naturally named Vdio.

The Vdio app interface looks pretty much the same as that of Rdio, if you’ve ever used that – browsing and library options to the left, along with your playlists. In Vdio, playlists will be called Sets, but they work in the same way – you can save any television episode or movie to a Set for sharing, or to watch later. Movie and television show box covers are used instead of album art. It is the same as Rdio, just for streaming video. That said, cosmetics are where the similarities end.

Rdio is a subscription-based service – you can have a limited free account, or a paid account that enables unlimited streaming of any music in the Rdio library and/or streaming on a mobile device. Vdio, on the other hand, is pay-per-use – you’ll buy or rent movies and TV shows individually, with TV shows available by the episode or in seasons.

Social integration is probably a bigger part of Vdio than Rdio. Sets can be shared amongst friends, which is whatever. It’s not that hard to give friends recommendations by talking to them. Slightly more interesting is the ability to jump in and watch what your friend is watching in real time. Pair that with a Skype session, and you have yourself a 21st century movie date with a friend. Probably not as good as the 20th century kind, but we’ll take what we can get. Also, if you link your account to a social network account, your viewing history is available for all to see, so watch what you watch, or, better yet, just don’t link your account to any social networking accounts.

Currently, only Rdio Unlimited subscribers (the $9.99 tier) in the United States and the United Kingdom have access to Vdio. If that describes you, you’ll find $25 worth of free credit to spend on Vdio to get you started. For now, Vdio exists as a Web app and an iPad app.

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