Verizon Wireless Intros $35 Unlimited Text and Data Prepaid Plan


Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile have been doing it, and now Verizon Wireless has joined the club. The company just introduced a $35 prepaid plan for basic phones that offers 500 minutes plus unlimited texting and data. This deal is available for phones like the LG Cosmo, Samsung Gusto, Samsung Intensity, and LD Extravert. Unfortunately, smartphones need not apply – which is a shame, because the similarly low priced prepaid plans that T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile offer, do work with smartphones, to provide them with unlimited text and data. That said, we can see this low priced prepaid plan appealing to those keen on taking advantage of Verizon’s great coverage, and who don’t care about having a smartphone. So this plan could be suitable for little kids and perhaps some seniors.


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