Thanks to New App, Shopping for Glasses Will Never Be the Same Again

Imagine shopping for glasses without having to actually try them on? A new 3D virtual try-on tool app from Glasses.com aims to make that possible. But this new 3D virtual try-on tool is not just any old augmented reality app, instead it uses the same kind of special effects used in Hollywood, to capture your face and recreate it in true-to-life 3D – all for trying on glasses.

Lets face it, shopping for glasses can be tiresome, and it’s even more intimidating to buy a pair online since you can’t try them on to see how they look on you. But the soon to be released Glasses.com app is a potential game changer. Once the app has reproduced your face in a crazy realistic 3D rendering, you can browse through the Glasses.com catalog. But this time you’re browsing the glasses and instantly seeing how they look on your own face! Furthermore, you can select a pair of glasses and view how the glasses look on you at multiple angles. You can even reposition the glasses on your face, all on the fly.

The Glasses.com beta app was recently unveiled at this year’s TED conference, which is fitting since the founder, Jonathan Coon, was inspired by a 2007 TED talk on augmented reality to create the app altogether.

To top it all off, the app has built-in sharing tools, as well as Instagram-like affects so that you can look extra cool in those shades that you’re sharing. Coon says that a future version of the app will also include user voting, so that you can get instant feedback about how you look in those glasses.

We played with a beta version of the app and were impressed with how quickly the app is able to render such a realistic 3D mug of yourself. But aside from the neat special effects, we realized how fun and instantly addictive this kind of app can get.

Did we mention that Glasses.com will send out 4 pairs at a time for you to try on at home? The app launches in mid May.



Update 7/9/2013: The Glasses.com app is now available to download in the App store.


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