Alicia Keys is on Fire with New BlackBerry Scholarship for Women


Earlier this week, BlackBerry’s Global Creative Director, much better known as Alicia Keys, announced a new scholarship and mentor program for young women trying to break into the tech industry.

The BlackBerry Scholars Program will be offering full, four-year scholarships to women interested in studying science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) during their undergraduate education. The focus will be on young women looking to go into mobile computing – right up BlackBerry’s alley. BlackBerry won’t just be investing money into young women, though – the program also features a robust mentorship component, with professional opportunities made available after graduation. It’s not clearly stated, but it seems like that could mean BlackBerry internships in the future, which is great – it looks like BlackBerry understands that of the many things a company needs to do to survive in the future, maybe the most important is continually finding fresh new talent.

BlackBerry points out that only 25 percent of IT jobs belong to women, and of those women, an incredibly high 56 percent leave the field for other careers. The program is designed to be part of a larger movement to change those numbers, and make gender representation in tech a little more equal.

If you’re interested in applying or know of a good candidate, keep in mind that the deadline for applications is June 26 at 5:00 PM Eastern. Award recipients will be selected based on academic performance and a display of strong interest in mobile computing.

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