AluPocket Makes Charging Your iPhone a Bit More Tidy

wm-188_17An iPhone, laying on a common table or – heaven forbid! – the floor? No. That’s an Apple we’re talking about. That means it needs its own special nest. Preferably, something made of aluminum.

You’ve got it with the Just Mobile AluPocket, an aluminum pocket for your iPhone. I mean, you can use whatever smartphone, I’m pretty sure, but it’s aluminum, so it’s obviously for the iPhone. You can mount it on a wall using the glue-free tape on the back, which won’t scuff up your wall when you take it off. And, because image is everything, there’s a little slit running down the middle for the cord, so you can pull the charging cable out through that instead of flopping it boorishly over the side.

The AluPocket is available now for $30, only for the iPhone, because I guess it emits Android-killing rays or something.

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