Amazon Boxes Make Adorable Manga Figures

amazonThis guy’s actually from a manga (Yotsuba&!, and I’m not sure exactly how you’re supposed to say that, with the ampersand in there), but even if you know nothing about it, you can probably safely look past that detail if you just really like seeing Amazon boxes. And, hey, who doesn’t? Every one is like a mini-Christmas.

You might have also recognized this little cardboard robot, named Danbo, from many pictures that have been popping up of tiny Danbo figurines slotted into everyday life. Usually there’s an Instagram filter involved. Anyway, you can now get your hands on a bigger, 5.2” model of Danbo. This one happens to be done up to look like it’s made out of Amazon Japan boxes. The eyes also light up. If you take off the head box, you can see the manga character’s face inside, but if manga isn’t really your thing, you can just keep the head on. Either way, should make a solid dashboard buddy. Shame it’s not a bobblehead.

You can get Revoltech Danbo Amazon Japan figurine now off GeekStuff4U for $45.45.

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