Ashley Benson Kicks Off 7-Eleven’s Slurpee Summer

Summer’s coming, and this time, 7-Eleven isn’t waiting until July 11 to get the Slurpee festivities started.

And, that’s great, because while anything free is always awesome, those free mini-Slurpees they give you on the 11th don’t even begin to be enough frozen goodness for one helping. Those seven ounce things last me two minutes, and that’s the absolute upper limit, like if I got distracted talking to someone before finishing.

The Slurpee Summer kicks off this weekend, with 49 cent Slurpees from May 24 to May 27. And we all know playing video games and geeking out goes hand in hand with sipping Slurpees. Mind you, we’re not talking about those insufficient seven-ouncers – this is a medium Slurpee for 49 cents. This weekend will also ring in the introduction of two new flavors for the summer – Lite Sugar Free Sprite and Fanta Oddball Orange. Those will be around until June 23, when they will be replaced by two more new flavors – Lite Sugar Free Fanta Mango Lemonade and Fanta Strawberry Lemonshade. Those will be around until September 3.

There will also be tons of discounts offered in stores and through the 7-Eleven app, which rounds out the summertime 7-Eleven festivities.

Over in Los Angeles, Ashley Benson, who plays Hannah in Pretty Little Liars, was on hand to drink the ceremonial first Slurpee of summer, which is actually a much greater honor than I can express in words that wouldn’t sound sarcastic. Anyway, the take home message is that you should probably go to 7-Eleven tomorrow. Not that going to 7-Eleven is ever a bad idea.

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