Boardwalk Beat 3D Light And Sound Show Debuts in Atlantic City

ATLANTIC CITY ALLIANCE BOARDWALK BEATUnfortunately, last year the Jersey shore encountered the only force more destructive than the actual cast of Jersey Shore – Hurricane Sandy, which destroyed a good deal of the Atlantic City Boardwalk. The good news is that the Jersey shore (no, not the show) has been revived, and its figurative grand reopening is going on now in the form of the Boardwalk Beat light show.


Boardwalk Beat is using Boardwalk Hall (2301 Boardwalk) as a canvas to paint a 3D light show, which changes along with the music and the times. The show highlights American music culture as it has transformed, decade by decade. The show travels from the ragtime-heavy ’20s to the Beach Boys-led surf music of the ’60s to the hard rock of the ’90s.

As befitting the Atlantic City Boardwalk and the Jersey Shore, the party isn’t stopping anytime soon. Throughout the summer, Boardwalk Beat is being shown every night, on the half-hour, between 9:30 PM and 1:30 AM on weekends and between 9:30 PM and midnight during the week.


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