AT&T 4G LTE Speeds Past Verizon in New Report


That didn’t take long. Only a few days after Verizon started boasting about its superior 4G LTE speeds in New York City, AT&T has put out its rebuttal – that they have the fastest 4G LTE network on average across all 20 major cities. The 2013 telecom pissing contest is underway, and we’re all about to get soaked.

As AT&T will surely tell you over and over again soon enough, they do indeed have the highest 4G LTE speeds on average, according to tests conducted by PC World and TechHive. The tests were conducted over 20 major metropolitan areas, including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, and pretty much every other major U.S. city you can think of. AT&T leads the way with 13.15 Mbps download speeds and 6.45 Mbps upload speeds. Verizon is a behind by a fair margin, with 9.61 down and 5.47 up. T-Mobile comes in third, just behind Verizon in download speeds, but lagging significantly in upload speeds. And, like the RootMetrics NYC test, Sprint is all the way back in fourth.

Verizon is listed by these tests as superior in New York City, although PC World and TechHive have all four telecoms’ speeds as much lower than what RootMetrics reported. AT&T, on the other hand, is ahead pretty much everywhere else, with Verizon even falling behind T-Mobile in some of the mid-sized markets like Atlanta and Ann Arbor. Verizon does nail the biggest ones, though – it’s ahead in New York City, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Dallas and Miami. AT&T is tops everywhere else, except for San Francisco, Atlanta, Houston, and Phoenix, where T-Mobile reigns. That comes to 11 out of 20 major markets for AT&T – not a bad haul.

The tests also make it clear that the western half of the United States is enjoying way faster speeds than the eastern half. Average download speeds in the double digits are available in all major western markets from at least either Verizon or AT&T, but those kinds of speeds are much harder to find in the east. The central part of the United States fares a little better, with AT&T’s 4G LTE coverage in Denver touting the highest average across all cities, at 21.90 Mbps down. Sprint suffers from still not expanding into some major markets, like Denver and Las Vegas.

You can check out the full results here, which in all seriousness will probably be pretty handy if you’re trying to figure out which carrier is best for you.


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