Beer Drones Will Keep People Hydrated at South Africa’s OppiKoppi Festival


Those in Limpopo, South Africa between August 8 and 10 run the risk of being hit by drone strikes. From the sounds of it, no one will mind too much.

Drones will be taking a few days off from toting weapons, with a few of Darkwing Aerials’ octocopters repurposed to deliver cans of beer to celebrants at South Africa’s OppiKoppi Festival. Anyone at the festival will be able to use a smartphone to order one can of Windhoek beer for free. The drone will follow the GPS signal from that smartphone, and drop a can of beer within one square meter of the signal. And, no, these won’t be weaponized cans of beer – each can will have a little parachute attached to it, so hopefully no one will get beaned in the head with a beer bomb.

This year, the drones are slated only for free beer delivery service, but word is that might change during future events, where revelers might be able to pay for precision drone beer strikes.

Via Springwise


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