Boba Fett Leather Street Jacket is for Bikers Who Want to Get Beat Up


Ever since Disney force choked LucasArts out of existence and chucked the unfinished remnants of Star Wars 1313 into a sarlacc, we’ve been hard up for good news on the Boba Fett front. Well, you might not be able to play as him, but you can at least wear his jacket, thanks to UD Replicas.

This isn’t exactly a motorcycle suit, like a lot of what UD Replicas usually puts out. This is just a street jacket, although it’s a very finely detailed and rugged one. It’s still made of molded, grade A cowhide leather, and there’s CE-aproved body armor in the forearms, elbow, shoulder, and back, which you can remove if you aren’t actually going out and doing Boba Fett things.

As for the details, there’s a bunch of faux-paint chips and bullet dings, along with the Mandalorian symbol on the front of the jacket. And, as a little extra, there’s an iPhone pocket on the left sleeve with a transparent window that allows for use of the phone. I’m guessing probably most smartphones wouldn’t have a problem fitting in the pocket, aside from devices like the Note. Knocks out the need for a smartwatch, anyway.

No dice on the helmet, but I’m sure you can find one of those at a Party City somewhere. The Boba Fett Street Jacket is limited to 750 units, and is on sale from now until June 30, with delivery scheduled between July and September. You can get it for $598 Canadian.

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