Apple Releases Budget Friendly 16GB iPod Touch Model

ipod touchIf you were holding out hope for the iPod Touch to go down a little in price, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that a budget iPod Touch is indeed now available. The bad news is that you’ll need to sacrifice a few features to get it.

The new iPod Touch still runs on the dual-core A5 chip, and still has a 4” Retina display. Instead, this one takes a cut in the storage department – essentially, Apple is just offering a 16 GB model of the same iPod Touch they released last year. There is one other big omission, though – there will be no rear-facing camera on this 16 GB model, although the same front-facing camera will still be there. The lack of a rear-facing camera makes the 16 GB model even thinner, not that it really needed to be.

And, one last caveat – this one, for now, is only available in black. The good news, then, is the price point – $230, up against $300 for the 32 GB iPod Touch. After all, it still has the key iPod Touch features – it’s thin, made of aluminum, plays music, and runs iOS on a Retina display. That might be all some people need.

Via The Loop

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