$18,000 Crystal Foosball Table is Fit For a King

Didn’t know you needed a luxury foosball table? Well you are in luck and if you happen to need a present for David Beckham’s retirement party…well we just found it for you! Because quite honestly, what else would you get a guy who happens to be the king of Soccer, excuse me football.

The Cristallino foosball table, from Teckell, is $18,000 worth of crystal glass and aluminum. Naturally, each unit is handmade “as a unique piece of art,” which is maybe the only time you’ll see foosball in the same paragraph as art. Good on them for remembering the raised corners on the playing field, though.

In practice, this might make for the worst game of foosball ever. Going fast and furious on this thing might result in some sad consequences. But, hey, if this doesn’t suit you, you can hold out for the crystal beer pong table that I’m sure will be in the works any year now.

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