Monster’s Diamond Tears Edge Headphones Sparkle and Shine [Review]

Are diamonds forever? Well Monster is certainly hoping so with their Diamond Tears Edge Headphones. These are an exquisite pair of headphones inspired by the gem that bares its name. It’s not often you wear headphones that make a statement from the inside and out, but the Diamond Tears Edge is one rock you’ll want to wear on your head instead of on your finger.

What’s in the box:

  • Diamond Tears Edge
  • Tangle-free cables including the ControlTalk and Control Talk Universal cable for hands-free phone and music control.
  • Monster Cleaning Cloth
  • Touring Case

Staying true to form, Monster wants to convey that even down to the packaging these headphones are something special. To that effect, the box is not surprisingly designed like a diamond jewelry box. Will you be tempted to reenact the famous Vivian/Edward jewelry box scene from Pretty Woman? Maybe. Once you open the box, you will be greeted with a pair of shimmery headphones that lay like precious stones waiting to be freed. Even the ControlTalk Cable has a ‘diamond’ on it. The black velvet like touring case even resembles a pouch that a diamond thief might use to carry precious jewels.

Cut to look like a diamond unearthed deep from within inside a diamond mine, the Diamond Tears edge exudes class and sophistication along with a pitch perfect sound reproduction. Not only does the headphones resemble a piece of high-end jewelry it’s crystal clear highs and mids make these headphones sparkle. Live performances are almost to haunting to listen too… leaving you with a sense of the performance happening in the room with you. Vocals and acoustics are pitch perfect, bold, and realistic.

The shape of the headphones is very similar to the DNA headphones with its curved into the face design, the ear cups are extra comfy but overall provide a VERY snug fit. In some cases a little too snug. After a while I found the Diamond Tears Edge applying too much pressure on my ears, that they had to come off. Over time the tight fit seemed to loosen, but it is still a lot snugger than other headphones I have used in the past.


The Diamond Tears Edge truly sparkles inside and out. The headphones sport a design unlike any other on the market currently and actually don’t come off too kitschy despite the fact they are shaped to look like a ‘diamond.’  Lastly, the sound reproduction of the headphones are beautifully tuned and balanced. While some may find the fit a bit too tight, overall, the Diamond Tears Edge headphones is definitely worthy of being a girls best friend. The Diamond Tears Edge headphones retails for $249.95 on Amazon and are available in a choice of white or black.

The Good: Unique design, beautifully balanced audio, truly an elegant pair of headphones from the inside and out.

The Bad: Might be too snug for some heads.

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