Dyson DC 47 Animal and DC 50 Animal Are Compact and Hungry For Dirt

dyson_DC_50Dyson is releasing a couple of new vacuum cleaners, and they suck harder than ever.

The DC47 and DC50 are the newest vacuuming animals that are ready to gobble up all that dirt and dust. The general idea is that these two do a better job of cleaning your house and can get into tinier places. How do they do that? Dyson says that’s mostly thanks to 2 Tier Radial cyclones. Both of these vacuum cleaners are powered by two small, very high-speed cyclones that suck up dirt and dust directly. The dust is then tossed into the bin, rather than passing through a filter or collecting in a bag, which weakens suction over time.

Both vacuums also have carbon fiber bristles, which are supposed to do a better job of cleaning hard floors, while nylon bristles eat up dirt stuck to carpet. Both also use Dyson’s Ball technology – basically, using that huge ball to help with navigation and prevent you from running into furniture so much.

The only major difference between the two is that DC50 is an upright, while the DC47 stays on the ground and is a little smaller. Both are available as of today, for $500 and $450, respectively. We will have a complete review of the DC 47 coming soon.

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