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Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 Rocks Out with AfroJack, La Roux & More

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A music festival in a parking lot seems like an odd idea, but when you consider the hordes of neon dressed dance fans that crowded onto the Queens Citifelds lots it starts to make more sense. The two day Insomniac Electric Daisy Carnival was home to some enormous names in electronic music, from La Roux to Afrojack and the six stage arena, gave the chance for smaller DJ’s to gain a new following as well.

Standout sets from Day One included masterful remixes from Adam F, and a live set from LaRoux, with a friendly crowd mixing between trancing out and dubstep pounding. Glowsticks were thrown to the crowds, and costumes varied from creative DIY jobs wit LED light kits to full on fanciful three man productions which needed a crew to hoist their glowing electric worms into the air.

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La Roux

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There was plenty of eye candy for those needing some downtime, from the twelve foot high boom box to play with, to the Wide Awake Art Car and it’s interesting shenanigans. Fairground attractions included a Big Wheel and swings that sent scream ricocheting through the grounds. Every step you took, you’d spot ethereal girls in tutus dancing to their own beat, neon hula hoops swinging round their snakelike hips.

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DJ Adam F

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Fireworks lit up the Citifield stadium, with the Insomniac logo highlighted in crests of pink and blue. Outfits varied from Wonder Women to Victoria Secret’s finest, and men enjoyed letting their inner Hulk roam free with face masks, tube tops and slogan T-shirts.

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Long live the Electric Daisy Carnival New York- we need this kind of merriment all year round, and it’s a great way to herald in the advent of summer.

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Photo Credit: Zara Stone


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