Facewaver Exercise Mask Will Frighten Your Wrinkles Away


Oh, sweet, Scarecrow is getting a spin off! You know, I thought that part in the third Batman, where’s he all like “death or exile?” and then he’s all like “death…by exile!” was really funny. But why is his mask pink now? Wait, is this not…what even is this? This is not Scarecrow at all.

This is the Facewaver Exercise Mask, and I guess it is a beauty product. It’s a stretchy mask that you wrap around your face. Then, you make a bunch of weird facial expressions, and the mask will stretch out your face and exercise your facial muscles. The prize at the end is less wrinkles, less sagging, and improved blood circulation to the facial region. That’s what is supposed to happen, anyway. I sure hope it happens, because you deserve at least a little something in return if you go through with donning this thing.


Recommended use is, mercifully, only five minutes a day. You can restore youth to your face and/or prepare for Halloween by tossing over $61 (plus $12 for shipping) to Japan Trend Shop.

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  1. OMG this is just hilarious! Can’t ya just wrap your head in an ACE bandage and do about the same and save $60 ?

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