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Giant Rubber Ducky Turns Hong Kong Harbor into Huge Bathtub

If you look at one of the wide-angle shots, Photoshop immediately comes to mind. But, there are no pixels out of order in these pictures. This is a real, genuine, giant rubber duck floating down Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong.

It’s actually an inflatable rubber duck, and it takes an awful lot of air to pump this guy up – all told, the rubber duck is 54 feet tall, dwarfing most of the ships in the harbor. Florentijn Hofman, a Dutch artist, is responsible for the project, which has been taking this massive rubber duck around the world since 2007, often showing up with little to no warning. Destinations in the past have included Osaka, Sydney, Sao Paolo, and Amsterdam.

Hofman wants to bring back the good old days of childhood to working adults everywhere – in that sense, the high-pressure, high-pace world of Hong Kong is probably one of the best places for this rubber ducky to set sail. But, this huge ray of sunshine isn’t done yet. The next stop will be somewhere in the United States. Hofman isn’t saying where until a week before the duck shows up. From there, who knows, as the biggest rubber ducky ever continues to make the world its bathtub.

Via Daily News

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