HP ProBooks Get Revamped [Hands-on]

If you’re a small business owner and on the lookout for a new notebook, HP wants your attention. They’re shipping out a new batch of low-cost, redesigned, business friendly notebooks soon – their HP ProBook 400 series. HP Has revamped the ProBook series so that it’s now sleeker, and curvier. It also now resembles some of HP’s consumer laptops, including the ENVY series.

HP didn’t release much in the way of hard specs, but the 400 series will be available in 17.3”, 15.6”, 14”, and 13.3” models, with either AMD or Intel processors inside. They’ll run Windows 8 Pro, and come with USB 3.0 ports. There will also be plenty in the way of security – both physical and digital. The keyboard will be spill resistant, and the computers themselves have undergone stress tests to make sure they can handle rough environments. In case of falls, there’s a safeguard in place to prevent damage to the hard drive. Additionally, that hard drive will be a combo drive, with a smaller SSD for faster boot-up and wake-up times.

On the digital side, there’s built-in anti-virus software, as well as tools for encryption and permanent deletion of files. HP BIOS Protection also guards against viruses and data loss, should you get a virus anyway.

For connectivity, there are plenty of handy, business-friendly tools to use. HP Wireless Hotspot allows you to share your Internet connection with devices around you. You’ll be able to purchase a model with 4G LTE connectivity, and Intel Wireless Display allows you to throw media from your computer to an external monitor or television wirelessly.

The 400 series is also promised to be considerably lighter and thinner than previous HP ProBook notebooks. The HP ProBook 400 series is scheduled to go on sale sometime in May, and will start at $500.

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