JayBird BlueBuds X Bluetooth Earbud Review

In-ear headphones + phenominal sound quality + wireless bluetooth = JayBird BlueBuds X. Also, add in a built-in microphone, audio controls, water resistance, and a lifetime warranty against sweat. These days bluetooth isn’t so prevalent with in-ear headphones; the JayBirds will have you asking “why not”. They completely nailed it with the BlueBuds X when it came to design, comfort, and audio quality.

What’s in the Box

  • BlueBuds
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • Flat Micro-USB charger
  • 3X Pairs of Ear tips (S, M, L)
  • 3X Secure Fit Ear Cushions
  • 2 Cord ties
  • Quick Start Guide


The BlueBuds X is just two earbuds tethered together. The cord is a bit less than 2 feet and can be shortened with the included cord ties. In between the link is an inline ControlTalk, located closer to the right earbud. This ControlTalk does it all; it turns on the headphones, pairs them, answers calls, accesses Siri, and controls music and volume. The earbuds are only slightly larger than average. The right bud has a micro-USB charging port discreetly located on the back.

The BlueBuds have fairly regular silicone ear tips and they come with optional ear cushions that are very comfortable and keep the buds snugly in-ear. There’s a couple of different wearing options that JayBird offers; you can wear them over-ear or under-ear.


The BlueBirds are feature rich! Most notably, they’re bluetooth and completely wireless from your music playing device. They’re compatible with any iOS device, Android, Smartphone, and almost every laptop. Considering their minimalistic design, they pack an impressive 8 hours of battery. It’s rechargeable with the included micro USB cable.

BlueBirds built the Bluetooth audio technology from the ground up. They also included a special feature called SignalPlus that reduces and almost eliminates any audio skipping.

Thanks to Liquipel, the BlueBuds are impervious to sweat. JayBird is so confident that the headphones come with a lifetime warranty against sweat.

The included ControlTalk has three buttons: volume up, down, and a universal button. It comes with a microphone and you can easily make calls, talk to Siri, and control music directly from the easy-access buttons. BlueBuds also have their own voice prompts that alert you to power and battery status.


The BlueBuds sound incredible, especially for Bluetooth headphones. They’re definitely premium sounding headphones. I generally have a tricky time getting headphones to stay in-ear, and the BlueBuds stay put even at the gym. The ear cushions help greatly. Sweat-proof technology is a beautiful thing; it can be pretty scary to bring nice headphones to the gym, but the lifetime warranty against sweat puts my worries to sleep. Removing the tether and going wireless is another advantage at the gym…keep your music-playing-device out of harms way.

The battery lasts about a week with fairly regular use; the 8 hour estimate is pretty accurate. The Bluetooth range is great and I have to travel near the 30-foot range to hear any cutouts or distortion.

The sound quality is seriously outstanding. It has a very warm and natural audio reproduction. The bass is present and very rich, without overwhelming the audio experience. The mids are detailed and well balanced while the highs are nice and crisp. Everything sounds amazing! Using Spotify I can listen to acoustic rock, heavy rap, electronic, or anything indie, and it all sounds better than just about any other pair of earbuds I’ve tested.


The JayBird BlueBuds X seriously have it all. At $169, there’s no doubt that these are expensive headphones, but it could very much be worth the investment. By audio quality alone, they definitely sound like headphones that cost more than a hundred dollars. Now add in their Bluetooth and sweat-resistant design. With a lifetime warranty against sweat, you can live comfortably knowing that if there’s as long as you’re relatively careful with them, the BlueBuds X can last you years to come. The JayBird BlueBuds X are currently available from Amazon.com for $167.

The Good: Phenomenal audio quality, Great wireless range, Micro-USB rechargeable battery, Sweat proof, Lifetime warranty from sweat damage, Comfortable, Stay in-ear, ControlTalk + Mic
The Bad: Pricey

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