3 Unique Tables Bring the Lenovo Horizon Table PC to Life at ICFF 2013

The International Contemporary Furniture Fair probably isn’t where you’d expect to find a Lenovo booth, but so it goes this year, as Lenovo is pushing its relevant IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC.

Lenovo isn’t just showing off the 27” Horizon, the table PC that Lenovo hopes families will build quality time around. They worked with a few other furniture designers to create new tables with the Horizon built in, each with a different take on what the table PC is capable of.

The collaboration with an outfit called Straight Line Designs resulted in the Treehouse, a table built for kids’ playtime. The table itself is a Keebler Elf-looking tree, surrounded by four stools made to look like logs. Given the amount of digital board games Lenovo is going to have on the Horizon, it could make for a good gathering point for the younger members of the family, or for other neighborhood kids to come over.

Input Creative Studio put together something more for the living room – a lighter-colored coffee table that comes with chairs and storage compartments for the accessories that come with the Horizon, like game pieces and joysticks. The Nest can be used for family game night, but you can also prop the Horizon up and use it to watch movies or do other computer things. It’s more of something that tries to be everything to everyone in the family.

The AT-UM, from UM Project, is not an Imperial walker, but a concept table for the Horizon designed more for artists. It can be used as a flat, horizontal table for artistic collaboration, or it can be stood up like an easel on three legs. Like the Nest, this table also has extra storage space, and looks to be something for at least casual digital artists.

These tables won’t exactly be for sale, but Lenovo is saying you can directly contact any one of those designers directly for estimates on a custom table with the Horizon built in.

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