Lively is Best Gadget for Seniors Since I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up

For better or worse, the number of senior citizens living on their own isn’t going to get any closer to zero as we head into the future. Not that that’s a completely bad thing – there’s something to be said for autonomy for those who are still capable of it.

A new device (or, set of devices) by the handle Lively aims to balance senior independence with peace of mind for relatives. Lively has one central hub with cellular connectivity, plus six sensors. Those six sensors can be placed around pillboxes or other key places in the senior’s daily routine. One of those sensors is actually a keyfob, which can be attached to the most commonly used set of keys.

The most important part is probably what the sensors aren’t. They aren’t cameras, and they won’t pick up audio. All the sensors tell relatives is that the senior is going about their day like they normally would. The sensors just pick up movement – it’s easy to tell if there’s been a dramatic change in the senior’s daily life, without constituting an total invasion of privacy. Eventually, relatives will be able to view this information using the Web or a mobile app. They’ll also be able to receive alerts via email or text.

A subscription to the Lively service also includes LivelyGram. This part is optional, and specifically for seniors who don’t have or use computers. Family members can use the Web to share pictures, stories, and life updates, which will be assembled into a small mailer that will be sent to the senior using the good old postal service twice monthly. It’ll help them stay connected, without literally being connected.

Lively will normally be $149 with a $20 pay-as-you-go monthly subscription. If you pre-order on their Kickstarter, the price will only be $99. If you like the idea, you might want to spread the word quickly, because the Kickstarter is perilously behind its target with only eight days to go.

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  1. First, as one of the co-founders of Lively, we sincerely appreciate such kind words and putting us in the company of such a legendary product. Second, I want to ensure that everyone knows that Lovely will begin shipping in July regardless of Kickstarter orders and goals. We’ve got funding already (see PandoDaily). For us Kickstarter was always about the crowd not the funding.