Moms, Dads & Grads Gift Guide 2013 + Win an HTC One or HTC First for AT&T!


Whether it’s your mom, your dad, or the grad, in your life, they certainly deserve a cool gift for all their hard work. That is why we have put together a list of hot gadgets and accessories for our Moms, Dads & Grads Gift Guide for 2013. But on top of our gift guide, we’re also giving away two super hot phones from AT&T – the HTC One and the HTC First (Aka the Facebook phone). The HTC One is one of the hottest and most acclaimed smartphones of the year, while the HTC First is a must for Facebook addicts. So go ahead and try to win one of them for your mom, dad or grad!
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Gifts for Mom

HTC First for AT&T – AKA the Facebook Phone

As much as most kids didn’t want this too happen, chances are that your mom has totally become a Facebook addict. And if that is the case, then she’ll love the HTC First which is exclusive to AT&T. The HTC First has been designed with Facebook addicts in mind, to that effect, it puts your Facebook friends updates front and center on its home screen thanks to the new Facebook Home user interface. The HTC First retails for $99 at AT&T on contract. You can check out our full review of the HTC First here.

Microsoft Surface Pro + Office 365 Subscription


No, don’t get mom the Surface RT. Get her the Surface the way it was meant to be – the Surface Pro. Unlike the Surface RT, which only functions as a tablet, mom can enjoy the Surface Pro, with its true hybrid trappings. She’ll have a tablet on the go, and a true laptop for doing mom things at home. To do those mom things, she might need Microsoft Office. Office 365 brings the best that Office has to offer, both online and offline, in an easy-to-pay subscription model. The Surface Pro starts at $900, with an Office 365 subscription coming in at $10 per month or $100 per year.

Dyson Hot+Cool


Mom might not enjoy the full benefits of the Dyson Hot+Cool in May, but she’ll be thankful once June rolls around. The Hot+Cool offers cool air during the summer months, and is even more effective as a heater when things get chilly. Best of all, mom will appreciate the lack of blades – no safety hazards, just relief from the weather. The Dyson Hot+Cool can be had now at a discount for about $320.

OGIO iPad Tote Bag


Mom’s going to need something to carry all those gadgets around in. The standard purse just isn’t going to cut it anymore. This tote bag from Ogio, on the other hand, definitely will. There’s a dedicated laptop compartment lined with fleece that fits up to a 15’’ notebook, plus a separate tablet pocket that can be accessed with an extra zipper. Lots of padding all around, and it doesn’t hurt that they look great, too. The tote bags come in black, terra, tide, red, and yellow, and are selling for $65.

Mosaic Photo Book


If nothing else, there’s always the memories angle when it comes to Mother’s Day. No one’s doing that better this year than Mosaic, an app you can download for iOS. With Mosaic, you can select 20 photos and arrange them in a coffee table-style book. The cover is the best part – 13 windows that give little sneak peeks into the photos inside. Each 7’’ x 7’’ book costs $20 plus tax and shipping.

Kalinka-Malinka Set of Watches


If mom is as beautiful as snowberries and raspberries, you need to get her the Kalinka-Malinka set of watches from Swatch. Made especially for Mother’s Day, the set takes its name from a Russian song likening a girl to the berries above. The set features three watches nestled within a set of Matryoshka dolls – a classic Mother’s Day gift in its own right. The Swatch Kalinka-Malinka set of watches are selling now for $195.

TwoSmiles Greeting Card with Gift Card


HP is out to make shopping for moms, dads, and grads way too easy this year with TwoSmiles. Shopping for a gift card AND a greeting card. Whoa. That’s two trips. With TwoSmiles, you’ll be taking two less trips. TwoSmiles combines a greeting card and a gift certificate onto one piece of paper that you can print out at home. There are card designs for every occasion – pick one, pick one of the retailers available, and personalize the greeting inside if you wish. Then, print it out and hand it over. It doesn’t get much easier than this. We’re inching closer and closer to the day where fishing out a twenty and forking it over real quick is going to be socially acceptable for gift giving, and I cannot wait. You can check out the full list of twenty participating merchants here, which includes Barnes & Noble, Foot Locker, and Chili’s. There’s a good enough variety to where you’ll probably be able to find the right gift card for whoever you’re shopping for. For every TwoSmiles card, you only pay for the face value of the gift card being given – which, at a minimum, is $25.

Gifts for Dad

Samsung Note 8.0


Well, if you live in the United States, you won’t be able to get the version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 that is also a phone. But, that’s probably OK, because dad would just take every chance he could to hold this thing up to his head and embarrass the whole family in the process. Instead, he can enjoy all of Samsung’s S Pen functionality on an 8’’ screen. And, it’s one of the finest screens in this size class, too. The Note 8.0 tablet is selling for about $400.



Obligatory golf gift for dad incoming. If dad is a would-be golf pro, SwingTIP is the essential gift for Father’s Day this year. Dad can fasten the little, lightweight device to any of his golf clubs, which will analyze why every swing sends the ball treeward. The device will then send data to a smartphone app, including swing animation, video of the swing in motion, and tips on how to get dad’s game straightened out. You improve his golf game and his blood pressure, all in one gift! Can’t beat that. SwingTIP is available now for $130, and the app is available for Android and iOS.

BlackBerry Q10


The second smartphone of BlackBerry’s comeback attempt is slated to hit the United States just in time for Father’s Day. It’s the business-friendly phone that you would expect from BlackBerry – a 3.1’’ touchscreen with a full QWERTY keyboard. Dad can go with the flow with BlackBerry 10’s new productivity-friendly UI, along with NFC compatibility. It’s a dad phone if ever there was one. Keep your eyes out for specific pricing and release dates for the BlackBerry Q10 as we get closer to June.

Uncommon Case


Has the “#1 Dad” mug been overdone? Usher in the era of the “#1 Dad” case with Uncommon Case. You can customize your own iPhone case – slap on one of dad’s favorite pictures, then add a message letting him know he’s the best. Or leave a helpful reminder for him to not forget his keys. Practical gifts are always good. Uncommon Case has a lot of different styles of cases for just about any iOS device dad might have.

Lenovo Lynx


Everyone’s on the move these days. Dad’s no exception. So, get him a hybrid that can be exactly what he needs, anytime, anywhere. The Lenovo Lynx is an 11.6’’ tablet running the full version of Windows 8, making it capable of being used as a tablet and a true laptop. As long as dad doesn’t require heavy processing power, the Lynx should be able to fit his needs. And, if he needs a keyboard, Lenovo sells a dock for the Lynx, too. Best of all, this do-everything tablet comes with a reasonable $500 price tag.

Gifts for Grads

TYLT PowerPlant


It’s not going to be the glamorous gift for grads this year, but the TYLT PowerPlant gets an important job done. It keeps students’ no doubt myriad devices charged throughout the day. With enough juice to charge a smartphone twice over, the PowerPlant has a USB port, a Micro USB port, and either a Micro USB, Lightning, or 30-pin charging cable. It can charge two devices at once and, most importantly, is small enough for on-the-go students to tote around comfortably. The TYLT PowerPlant is currently going for $90.

Sony Action Cam with Wi-Fi

It’s about to be post-graduation summer for countless grads this year. That means they’re going to be getting up to some crazy stuff out in that wide world of ours. Best make sure they save it all for posterity, in first-person view, with the Sony Action Cam. The wearable, mountable camcorder benefits from Carl Zeiss optics and 1080p recording. It’s also ready to roll with the punches, with a tough exterior that is waterproof and resistant to mud, snow, and shocks. I’m not sure if mom and dad are going to want to watch whatever this thing records, but grads will love it. The Sony Action Cam is going for $240.

Citizen Eco-Drive Watch


If there’s one thing students and grads love, it’s not having to go through extra trouble. So, when a watch’s battery goes dead, chances are that thing is just going to sit up on a table unused, because getting a new battery takes effort and we have smartphones for telling time, anyway. So, if you’re going to get them a watch, get one that will never need a new battery – a Citizen Eco-Drive watch. It’s not exactly solar-powered – it’s better. It’s powered by any light source, which continuously charges the lithium-ion battery inside. No extra effort needed for maintenance means happy grads.

Acer C7 Chromebook


So, aside from the Chromebook Pixel, the great thing about Chromebooks is that they are super cheap. They also run the Chrome OS, so if your grad’s life pretty much revolves around Google, there’s probably not too much they’ll be missing by having Google’s totally Web-centric operating system. It’s enough to browse the Internet, check email, and stay productive using Google’s full suite of cloud-based productivity apps. There’s also 1080p playback for movie watching or YouTube sessions. If you have an avid video game player, the totally Google-based Chromebook probably isn’t the best choice, but if not, Chromebooks get the job done on the cheap. Acer’s C7 series ranges from $200 to $280 – not a bad price for a brand new laptop.



No gift guide would be complete without the hot smartphone on the market this year. Believe it or not, it looks like so far, it’s coming from HTC. The HTC One’s sleek aluminum trappings and 4.7’’ HD display have garnered accolades from all over, challenging even the Galaxy S4. A beefed up camera can take 20 shots in rapid succession, along with a three-second video, both of which will be put into a Living Gallery. It’s 4G LTE-ready, and is powered by a 1.7 GHz processor. It’s making a strong case to be the high-end Android phone of the year, and the 32 GB model can be bought from AT&T for $200 with a two-year contract.