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myCharge Hub 6000 Review – the Swiss Army Knife of Portable Power

The myCharge Hub 6000 is a worthy successor to the myCharge Peak 6000 battery pack that we reviewed a while back. Lets face it, battery packs are becoming a dime a dozen these days, so it’s becoming more and more difficult to stand out. Fortunately, myCharge’s The Hub 6000 manages to offer something unique, and that is because its design packs in pretty much everything you could want in a versatile battery pack.

If you take a look at the landscape of battery packs out there, most external battery packs that don’t double as cases, just pack in 2 USB ports for you to plug in a cable with for charging. That system is pretty convenient because it offers support for most devices, but it’s also inconvenient because that means that you have to remember to carry around all of the necessary cables. So not only is that irritating, but it also can get messy in your bag. MyCharge solves this problem by offering a built-in Lightning cable, built-in Micro USB cable, and even a built-in USB port – for support for just about any non standard device. To top it all off, the device also offers a dedicated wall prong for fast charging the device. Again, this last feature of having a built-in wall prong is something that most external battery packs lack.

So you’re on the road and you and two of your friends’ devices are dying? No Problem. You can actually charge three devices into the Hub 6000 – all at once! Yet again, this is another way that the Hub 6000 wipes the floor with the competition, and that is that most other battery packs can only charge 2 devices at once.

Furthermore, MyCharge has not only made sure to include all of the important connectors, but they have also made sure that the design keeps all of the connectors nice and protected. They have also included a convenient battery indicator that lights up to indicate that there is power left in the device. Unfortunately, this battery indicator does now offer an indication of how much charge capacity is left in the device.

And when it comes to charging capacity, the Hub 6000 offers 6,000 mAH of power. According to MyCharge, That is enough for nearly 27 hours of additional smartphone use, but that timing will vary according to what device you’re charging. If you’re using an iPhone 5, that is about 3 full charges. Oh, and the device comes charged out of the box to boot!

Our biggest gripe however with the Hub 6000 device is that it’s a bit heavier than some other battery packs we’ve tested. However, myCharge does offer the smaller capacity Hub 3000, which is quite a bit smaller and lighter, but lacks a wall prong. That said, even though the Hub 6000 is a bit hefty, it’s a fair trade off for all of the features it packs in.


MyCharge has not only managed to be one of the first out the door with a lightning battery pack, but they have also managed to wipe the floor with the competition when it comes to versatility. While we do wish that the device was a bit lighter, and also more affordable, you can’t deny the fact most of the competing battery packs that are over 3000 mAH do not offer as much versatility and innovation as the Hub 6000 does. All in all, the Hub 6000 truly is the “Swiss Army Knife of portable power devices.” The Hub 6000 retails for $99 and will be available soon.

The Good: While most battery packs top out at – the Hub 6000 can charge 3 devices at once! Design packs in every connection you can want – including lightning and a wall prong. Comes pre-charged out of the box. Super smart design with battery indicator, also protects the connectors.

The Bad: On the pricey side for a 6,000 mAH battery pack. A bit heavy. Battery indicator does not indicate remaining power percentage.

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