Are You Getting Turned On by the Pachi Pachi Light Switch Case?


Isn’t it just the worst when you want to play with light switches, but then you get a headache because the room is going all strobe light on you? No? That’s not a problem for you? Oh.

Well, anyway, if you want the unbridled of joy of hitting a light switch without the dizziness and headaches, there’s always the Pachi Pachi Light Switch Case, for the iPhone 5. It has two light switches of the style commonly found around Asia, and you can play with them. They don’t do anything, besides giving your idle hands something to do. Is this the stress ball of the modern day? I don’t know, maybe. But I can see it landing in the bubble wrap category of things.


Whether totally by happy accident or not, you can also use the case as a kind of phone stand. You can get the Pachi Pachi case in white, black, blue, or pink. It’s being sold on Japan Trend Shop for $34, plus $12 to have it lugged all the way over to the United States from Japan.

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