Queen of the Constellations Completes Barbie Sci-Fi Collection

Queen of Constellations

Only the most dedicated Barbie collectors might have been aware of the limited sci-fi collection, from Mattel designer Bill Greening. But, within those circles, the dolls have been a big hit.

The collection throws Barbie out into the final frontier, in guise of an alien empress, a protective galactic goddess, and, now, with the conclusion of the series, a doom-bringing queen who looks like she’s about to show us what Barbie’s Dream Death Star looks like. I’m sure the planet-destroying laser will be pink.

The Queen of the Constellations Barbie reveals perhaps the true face of Barbie – bent on domination of the cosmos. Her red and black hair has a little bit of a Star Wars feel to it, and the black and gold trappings definitely sell the iron-fisted cruelty that’s definitely going to be in for Barbie in 2013.

This doll joins the heroic Goddess of the Galaxy doll and the quasi-reptilian Empress of the Aliens doll to round out the trilogy (had to be a trilogy) of space-faring Barbies. All three are going for $100 each.

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