Samsung Galaxy S III Lands at Boost and Virgin Mobile

siiiThe Galaxy S III didn’t stop being a good phone just because the S4 came out. It’s still a powerful, high-end phone (I mean, it didn’t come out that long ago), and it can still be attractive – especially when it’s paired with a couple of really cheap, no-contract monthly plans.

The Galaxy S III is landing at Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile, both of which offer unlimited data plans that run on Sprint’s 4G LTE network. As noted recently, Sprint doesn’t exactly have the zippiest network, but LTE is LTE, and it’s awfully fast no matter how you slice it.

On Boost Mobile, you’ll be able to get the S III with the Android Monthly Unlimited Plan, which is $55 per month. Boost has a Shrinking Payments deal, which knocks $5 off your monthly payment for every six on-time payments you make. Your bill can bottom out at $40 per month, and those six on-time payments don’t need to be consecutive. The plan gives unlimited talk, data, and messaging, but LTE speeds get throttled after 2.5 GB, which is still a fairly generous threshold.

For Virgin, you can get in on plans that include unlimited data and messaging for as cheap as $35 per month. That goes up to as much as $55, depending on how many minutes you want or need.

The Galaxy S III will hit Virgin and Boost sometime in June, but there’s no word on pricing of the handset yet, although you’ll need to be prepared to see a higher, unsubsidized price.

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