Samsung TecTiles 2 Will Have You Jonesing For NFC Tags

tec_tilesThe second generation of Samsung’s TecTiles is here and available for purchase. TecTiles, which are programmable stickers that you can throw around the house or office, can activate various features on an NFC-equipped device just by tapping the device on the sticker.

TecTiles 2 were made necessary because the original TecTiles don’t work with the Samsung Galaxy S4. The new TecTiles will, while still working with older NFC-equipped devices. You still use the TecTiles app for programming, which allows you to assign either individual functions or chains of functions to one sticker. You can also make different profiles, so the same sticker will activate different features on different people’s devices.

In addition to tweaking settings, sending calls or texts, and launching apps, TecTiles also have integrated support for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Foursquare, which is probably handy for businesses that want to provide an easy way for customers to check in or like them on Facebook.

You can buy a pack of five TecTiles 2 for about $15 online now, and they will show up in stores sometime in June. TecTiles 2 still only work with NFC-equipped Android phones.

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