Apps of the Week: Skype is BlackBerry 10 Ready


Android App of the Week: Glide

If you’re one keen on amassing as much free cloud storage as possible, you probably have accounts going with quite a few different services now. Navigating between them can sometimes be not fun, which is why apps that let you access all of those accounts in one place are nice to have.

Glide is one such app. Using the service, you can get all of your major cloud storage services in one place, and access files according to type, rather than where they are stored.

The app has been around for a while, but is updating their services and encouraging existing customers to create new accounts (incidentally, existing customers will need to migrate any files they have on Glide’s old service elsewhere). If subscribers create a new account before this Sunday, May 5, they’ll be greeted with 50 GB of free storage.

Glide is available now on Google Play for free.


iPhone App of the Week: Pango

Pango might not be useful to you yet, but once it rolls out to more locations across the United States, it might warrant your interest. It’s a parking app that will help you pay for meters and parking garages right from your phone.

Of course, that only works with participating locations, which are still pretty scant right now. Auburn, New York and Latrobe, Pennsylvania are currently the only two cities equipped with Pango-friendly parking meters, so if you live in one of those two cities, give it a shot. You would register your vehicle with Pango, use the app to select your location, then make a payment.

In New York City, Imperial Parking Systems has a deal with Pango, meaning all of its garages will or already do work with Pango. In addition to payment, drivers can alert the garage that they are ready to pick up their car ahead of time.

Pango is free and available on the iTunes App Store. You can check here to see whether or not any Pango-friendly parking spots are in your zip code.


Windows 8 App of the Week: Envvied

Online shopping only gets you so far. You peg that one perfect new outfit, only to discover that what looks good floating in space looks less than desirable when you actually put it on.

Envvied sort of helps with that. It’s an app that aggregates a bunch of fashionable pictures from the wide world of the Internet, and lets you go shopping just by looking at them. Articles of clothing and accessories are tagged by the community (kind of like you would tag faces in a picture), and you can click on those annotations for a link to buy the item. You can like any of the pictures, and can put in a request to have an item identified if that hasn’t already happened. Doing that last bit will require an account with Envvied on your part.

Envvied is available now for free on the Windows Store.


BlackBerry App of the Week: Skype

Good news for BlackBerry 10 adopters – one of the essentials is ready to go. Those (very few) with a BlackBerry Q10 can now download the preview version of Skype for BlackBerry.

Besides all the basic Skype things you can do, all of your Skype contacts will be automatically integrated with your phone’s Contact list. As far as BlackBerry-only features, you’ll get notifications like incoming messages and contact requests on the BlackBerry Hub.

You might have noticed that the Z10 was not mentioned earlier. Z10 owners will need to wait for the BlackBerry 10.1 update to drop before Skype will be available to them. Early Q10 owners can download the preview version of Skype now on BlackBerry World.

Skype Blog


iPad App of the Week: iShutdown HD

Getting up to turn your computer on? Forget that. iShutdown HD will take care of that from the comfort of wherever you and your iPad are.

iShutdown HD enables you to send shut down, restart, sleep hibernate, or wake on LAN commands to any computer in your local network. Before you get to commanding, you’ll need to install the iShutdown Server application on the Mac or PC in question. Once you do that, the iPad app will scan your local network and find devices with the server application installed. Once that’s done, you need to enter in the IP address. Then, command away. The app works very fast, and, for what it’s worth, is also Retina optimized.

iShutdown HD is available now on the iTunes App Store for $1.99.

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