Speck Galaxy S4 CandyShell Case

A new flagship phone on the market means new cases for everyone, from everyone. Speck, of course, is no exception. Their popular CandyShell case is ready to go for Samsung’s new phone, in four color schemes.

Just like their iPhone case counterparts, the S4 CandyShell cases feature a hard, glossy exterior with a soft, shock-absorbent interior layer. The raised edges around the front of the case help to ensure that that nice new screen doesn’t shatter if it takes a face-first dive into the pavement. But hey, even if it does get scratched or shattered, at least the S4 has gesture control now, right?

The CandyShell Galaxy S4 cases are available in black/slate, white/black, white/blue, and green/pink, with the Speck logo, edges, and rubber button coverings getting the alternate colors. You can grab one now for about $35.

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