Star Wars Death Star Birdhouse is Where the Angry Birds Hang Out

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to birdhouses needed to contain all that anger.

The true conclusion of the Angry Birds – Star Wars crossover is conceptually complete thanks to the Death Star Birdhouse, which I’m sure is equipped to do awful, awful things to those Piggy structures. Millions of pigs are going to squeal in terror, and be silenced.

Or, that hummingbird that comes by your house sometimes is going to have a pretty sweet place to hang out. Either way. The birdhouse is hollow, and looks like it hangs pretty comfortably from a tree branch. It’s also ceramic, so make sure you hang it up snugly, or it’s going to end up looking someone took a torpedo to it.

You can get the Star Wars Death Star Birdhouse from The Fowndry for £25, or about $38 and change.

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